Rijkswachter XL with lights

Discover which piece of art of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam your robot protected!

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Meet the Rijkswachter XL Robot. This design piece is made of wooden crates in which the works of art of the Dutch Rijksmuseum were kept safe while the museum was under construction for a decade. After Rijksmuseum was reopened, the crates became obsolete. Studio Hamerhaai knew immediately what to do with all the wood. Every Rijkswachter Robot has a different design with a unique number with which you can find online which piece of art was kept safe with the wood of your robot. Every Rijkswachter has a different design. We make them by hand, and use the designs on the transport crates. Besides the different designs, the piece of art they protected varies. The largest version of the Rijkswachter: 90 cm tall, 45 cm wide with a belly of 24 cm deep. Two LED lamps for eyes (E27), a switch on his head and a cabinet as a body. The arms can be rotated at the shoulder.

• Every Rijkswachter has a different design
• With unique number
• Handmade
• Movable arms
• Height 90 cm
• Including 2 LED lights, cord, switch and plug
• Cabinet as a body

Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 1000 × 600 × 500 mm


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