As a retailer you are always on the lookout for new, unique products to surprise your costumers with. And while the big brands have a lot to offer, they are not very unique anymore. The best way to find new products is to order them from small, upcoming brands, but ordering products from 40 small brands is just very inconvenient.

Dutch Brands Collective gives you easy acces to all these new brands. In our webshop you can easily order products from all the brands, without a minimum per designer! Trying out new products from different designers has never been easier!


Dutch Brands Collective offers:

• Home & Gift products from the best independent Dutch Brands
• A curated collection with only the most unique items
• One web shop, one invoice and one shipment
• Save on time and save on shipping
• Monthly delivery


Discover the best indie brands

Dutch Brands Collective offers a wide variety of products from the best upcoming Dutch Brands. The collection is curated, so no more browsing though al these ‘mwooooaaah’ products to find that special item. Dutch design is known for it’s powerful impact, so expect only the best handpicked Home & Gift items.


One Stop Wholesale Shop

Order products from a lot of different small brands in one accessible online shop. You will receive only one invoice and one shipment. Stocking up your shop with unique items does not get much easier than this.


Monthly delivery

To keep the shipping costs as low as possible for you, we send out the orders once a month. You can place your order at any time you choose. At every first Wednesday of the month, we collect all the orders from the shops. The products will then be prepared, packed and sometimes even handmade for you, and will be shipped to you within two weeks.


So what are we waiting for? Let’s shop!

Good point, let’s shop!